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”Art of Portrait” #3 with Assol Agaidarova 17.6.2017

Welcome to join my monthly sessions of portrait making. 

Session #3 *
La 17.6.2017 10.00-12.30


A good portrait can be achieved through many means, and for June I suggest that we pick up our painting brushes and grab some colours.

For those who would like to focus on graphic solution, it’s also possible (and useful!)

Academic tradition suggests that an artist is well familiar with the human bone structure. It is essential to understand the skull when we aim to portray a face. I plan to set up a still life with a skull, and we will approach this classic theme. This session will add value to your portrait skills, regardless of your initial level of proficiency.

For painters, I suggest that you bring:

  • colours and medium of your choice – oil, gouache, watercolor, acrylics;
  • canvas/ paper support, ~40×50 or bigger
  • brushes, cleaning tissues

For graphics, prepare a bigger size and strong paper (for a single long drawing), and your usual drawing means – pencil/ charcoal/ ink.

Please also bring some snack for yourself, and just be open for the new remarkable experience!

Last registration date: 15.June

Price is 15 euro per session. Pay cash or show a payslip, but please remember to register/cancel at least 1 day beforehand.
Register for the course at torniart@gmail.com or phone 045-8572033.




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