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”Art of Portrait”#2 with Assol Agaidarova 20.5.2017


La 20.5.2017  10.00-12.30

Every person’s head is truly unique in its character and features, and in May session we will explore the means in which we can capture the sitter’s exact likeness. We will also study mass drawing (and thinking) as a means of reflecting shape and define the light positioning.

I would like to thank all participants for our first session. I think we had a very talented team, and a fruitful Saturday morning just before Vappu! Welcome back for the May session, and for any new participants to join, please note to bring:

  • Medium or small scissors,
  • Several sheets of colored paper A4
  • Normal white paper/ sketchbook
  • Soft watercolor brushes, 1-2 enough
  • Black ink, if you have some already. If not, there’s no need to buy, I will share some of mine.
  • Wear old comfortable clothes or an apron to protect from stains.
  • Please bring a small snack for yourself, the Artist should not be starving 🙂

Portrait making is an ongoing process. For the returning participants, I can add extra time in the end if you would like to have my feedback or advice on your own works/ sketches that you have made meanwhile away from class.

Enjoy the spring, and hope to see you!

Your instructor Assol.

* Please register at least 2 days in advance with torniart@gmail.com

 Price is 15 euro per session. Pay cash or show a payslip, but please remember to register/cancel at least 1 day beforehand.


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