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”Art of Portrait” with Assol Agaidarova starting 29.4.2017


Welcome to join my monthly sessions of portrait making. 

I designed this course especially for amateur artists. I will guide you to approach portraiture with ease, interest, and courage!

We will get to know the techniques. Plus something more important. We start to see a person, and try to know him/ her better, reflect on what is a human about, and then try to trace our understanding to paper.

Away from fears, let’s do it!
For the first sessions I recommend that you bring a sketchbook and a soft pencil.
  • Session 1. Sat 29.4 10-12.30 
  • Session 2. Sat 20.5 10-12.30
  • Session 3. Sat 17.6 10-12.30
  • (to be continued)
Price is 15 euro per session. Pay cash or show a payslip, but please remember to register/cancel at least 1 day beforehand.
Register for the course at torniart@gmail.com or phone 045-8572033.


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